Colombian Slang Success Hints And Tips. Surely our much-loved places in Latin America, this Colombian slang guidelines will help you easily fit into.

Colombian Slang Success Hints And Tips. Surely our much-loved places in Latin America, this Colombian slang guidelines will help you easily fit into.

The next day might be final day of my own two thirty day period charge in Colombia and I’m moving forward.

When I first found its way to Colombia Having been really frustrated because i possibly could definitely not read Colombians. Colombian jargon possesses its own group of expressions and slang.

I found myselfn’t positive that it absolutely was because they had been mumbling, mentioning swiftly or a variety of the 2.

Colombia are a country with most inhabitants and different decorations throughout.

This adds by itself to many types of statement getting adjusted nationwide. Under, are one of the hottest Colombian slang terminology, Colombian slang insults and Colombian slang greetings overall.

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Important Colombian Slang

Definitely something i did so recognize would be that there exists a tremendous amount of expressions that I didn’t understand:


Listo literally suggests ‘ready’ but the furthermore made use of if a thing is sensible or cool or fine.

I listen this many times on a daily basis but once We initial arrived I thought everyone was always asking me if I is completely ready.


With delicious aguardiente because yummy Colombian products it is way too very easy to being hungover.

In Mexico they refer to it crudo, which means fresh. Yet the Colombian Spanish for hangover happens to be guayabo.

Model: Este guayabo me personally va a matar…(EN) This hangover will destroy myself.


That’s correct, this English text can be used a good deal in Colombia and is also used to reference men, a male or a kid.

Situation: Este husband es muy buena persona (This boy is a really great person).

a los angeles orden

Colombians are really respectful as there are a feeling of formality as part of the address.

Anybody helping you, from a taxi driver to a grocery store clerk will say this for you personally. They essentially mean ‘to arrange’ but is much more much like ‘at the service’.

I did not understand why one in any way, particularly when I would personally complain to taxi individuals they are charging you me-too much and additionally they responded in this phrase which really planned come of the cab gringa.


This is often made use of lots in Colombia and identifies as soon as an individual feels happy or comfortable in some spot or circumstances.

Sample: “Te veo bastante amanado en la fiesta” o “te veo muy amanada en tu nueva casa” (EN) “I view you delighted during the event” or “we look at you delighted within brand new home”

Con mucho gusto

Another Colombian pleasantry that may be complicated. When in almost every country this implies ‘nice meet up with you’ we going reading they right here from waitresses or tool visitors after I thanked all of them.


Caliente will not only mean horny but it also implies freaky in Colombian slang. We knew this the tough technique when my personal party mate decided not to realize I happened to be exclaiming I was hot heat sensible.

Upgrade: A kind friend only blogged me it was because we explained estoy consumidor and never tengo calor. Example read.

Realizar la vaca

Although this Colombian slang means render a cow. It is not necessarily very far-off.

The term “Hacer una vaca” or “Hagamos una vaca” represents collecting income among several group for a specific intent.

Colombians start a lot to get nutrients, for traveling, for person, for 1st birthdays, etc.

Case: Hagamos una vaca para irnos de paseo el fin de semana. (En) Let’s share all of our revenue jointly to be on journey for your saturday.


Should you want to easily fit in you must lose ‘si’ and initiate utilizing nearby chat.


Colombians want to marvel at charm and bonita, hermosa, guapa and preciosa weren’t slicing it; you’ll usually hear them make use of lindo/linda to descibe pretty things.


This will probably furthermore mean “Monkey” in Colombia can be used way more “mico o simio” to mention to a monkey.

Mono is employed too much to involve a gothic person (people say with love), thus, for those who are a foreigner and gothic, you will hear plenty people phone a person “Mono” or “Mona” should you be a girl.

Instance: You’re in a local store and so they declare “Que se le procura escort Waterbury CT mono” “exactly what can i really do for yourself, blondie?


All methods to say anything is actually great although apparently chimba trumps chevre the same way fabulous trumps interesting.

But be aware because chimba also pertains to feminine genitalia – although relatively nice observe the two about appropriated it in an optimistic light.


Actually always refer to someone who is a very close friend, who is like a bro and who’s usually in memories and negative.

In Colombia close friends likewise turned out to be the main relatives, although in Colombia luckily they are very pleasant and they utilize parcero to become way more genial so to input self esteem.


Like all of our reduced construction in English ‘por approval’ becomes intolerable for all Colombians as a result it’s come to be porva. It was truly the only jargon that annoyed me as I cannot choose the verb in almost any dictionary.

When I mastered these Seriously felt like I got used simple Spanish to a new level, however this is certainly today but later I’ll take Ecuador and then there may be a whole new order of expressions to educate yourself on.


This phase can consider a subject, condition or measures. One example is: “?los cuales problema con esa vaina!” or “Se dano esa vaina…”.

The french translation are “What an issue with that factor!” or “That factor happens to be stressed!…”

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